How To Target Your Audience with Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads can be perfect for getting your name in front of your customers. But how can you be sure that you are targeting the right people who are most likely to do business with you? There are a ton of ways you can target audiences with Facebook ads.

This article will explain the targeting options with Facebook ads so you will be able to choose for yourself what makes the most sense to get to your perfect customers even if they have never heard of you before. Plus a golden opportunity to grab our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon is awaiting! Apply code AFF75.

Facebook Ads Targeting

Target People Based on Their Location

In Facebook Ads Manager, under Audience, you can choose the whole country or a particular state or city, or multiple states down to zip code. It is really easy to get started with this and it is particularly useful if you are a local business.

Targeting Age

You should target people depending on who your target market is and that’s why you must have a good handle on who your customers are. It would be better to advertise your services to people in their late 20s and above. So targeting people belonging to age groups between 28 to 60 would work well.

Targeting Gender

Next comes gender. You can either choose all, men or women. This comes in handy if you know that your message is much more likely to land in with the male versus female. You can even think of an all-purpose service or product. You can run different ads for different genders if you think it’s going to make a bigger impact. 

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Targeting Language

You can create ads that display in multiple languages so people automatically see your ad in the correct language. This means that you don’t need to create various ad sets for each language and apply separate language targeting. You can advertise to people in multiple languages with a single Facebook ad campaign.

Additional Demographics, Interests, or Behaviors

Under Demographics, you’ve got things like Education Level, Fields of Study, Schools, Undergrad years, Income, Life events, Parents, Relationship, Friends of, New jobs, Work, etc. Based on these you can target people.

Under Interests, you find targeting options like Business and Industry, Banking, Business, Construction, Design, Entrepreneurship, Health Care, Marketing, Entertainment, Family and Relationships, Fitness and Wellness, Food and Drink, Hobbies and Activities, Shopping and Fashion, Sports, Technology and more.

Then comes Behavior. You can target people based on their behaviors that include Consumer Classification, Digital activities, Expats, Mobile Device User, Mobile Device User/Device Use Time, Multicultural Affinity, Politics, Purchase Behavior, and more.

How To Find the Best Targeted Ads?

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Facebook ads targeting is not all about people who don’t know you, in fact, the best way you can spend your Facebook ad money is to further that relationship between you and people who have already expressed some interest in your business. Thus with perfect targeting options, you can easily get the attention of your audience and likey more clicks to your Facebook ads. To get more insights about your competitors’ Facebook ad targeting options, redeem our limited time AdSpy Working Code AFFSAVE today!