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issue five

Issue five features stories of hunting for the first time in Appalachia, art installations at the food bank, and a young man's coming of age at the family bakery. Poems about our favorite snacks add to the mix, as well as a historical look at a classic breakfast food--and we feature an a play for the very first time! Original work from seventeen comic artists, illustrators, and photographers fuel the issue as much as the written word. 
on Square Market

A preview of issue five

issue five contributors

// Justin Aaron
// Patrick Burnell 
// Rob Christopher
// Liz Clayman
// Sara Davis 
// Melissa Dickson
// Sean Dove
// Kailyn Downden 
// Chloe Feldman Emison
// Adriana Gallo
// Mariam Gomaa
// Andrea Guinn 
// Mikey Heller
// Alex Kostiw
// Andrew Ladd
// BK Loren
// Sarah Mallory
// Julie Martin
// Lauren Monaco
// Laura Moreno
// Angela Pan
// Nick Panzarella
// Kenton Quatman
// Clare Rosean 
// Kristopher Schmelzer
// Shelby Stephenson
// Will Sharpe 
// Chris Wiewiora
// Hanna Yetman
// Brettney Leanne Williams