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issue four

Issue four features tales of bare tables after economic crisis unfolds, the guilt of serving a bar patron the poison that kills him, the way the order of a recipe can be a refuge when a mind melts into disorder. Poems about taco stands, tea trains, and early-morning cooking round out the text of the issue, as original pieces by illustrators and photographers complement the written word.

Check out a ten-page preview here.

graze // issue four on Square Market



graze // issue four

graze // 2013 collection


// Chad Allen 
// Natalia Andrievskikh
// Henrique Bagulho

// Geoffrey Bankowski
// Martha Bayne
// Peter Berghoef

// Kim Campbell
// Marilyn Cavicchia
// Liz Clayman
// Cara Condon

// Lucy Conklin
// Dominique DiCristo
// Andy Ellison
// Kyle Fewell

// Lucy Hewett
// Jamie Lee Knight
// Alex Kostiw
// Kaitlin Kostus

// Charles Leggett
// Lauren Monaco
// Jon Reiner
// Cynthia C. Scott

// J.D. Smith
// Jenna Stempel
// Becky Tuch
// Akil Wingate