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issue six

Let's hear it for the ladies: issue six paints pictures of women in the kitchen in the twenty-first century. You won't find June Cleaver in these 96 pages. Instead, you will meet an entrepreneurial marshmallow magnate, a top-notch chef with a defiant notion of love, a mother reflecting on food at intervals of her pregnancy. Women rewrite the rules on the kitchen every day; issue six aims to tell their stories, along with the stories of others who have had transformative and defining experiences with food and the written word.
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issue six preview


// Justin Aaron
// Jake Allen
// Allie Armstrong
// Terry Barr
// Barbara Ellen Baldwin
// Joe Baumann
// Erin Bealmear
// Nicole Belcher
// Jose Luis Benavides
// Dani Bryant
// Matthew Burns
// Elaine Chen
// Angelina Diana
// Sean Dove
// Kailyn Downen
// Chloe Feldman Emison
// Bea Epstein
// Seanan Forbes
// Diane D. Gillette
// Lily Gordon
// Sonia Greenfield
// Liz Grossman
// Andrea Guinn
// Mikey Heller
// Mallory Herman
// Jardley Jean-Louis
// Emelie Johansson
// Jeff Kauck
// Natalia Kowaleczko
// Mary Pat Lynch
// Scott Kreider
// Theora Kvitka
// Julie Martin
// Patrick McKay
// Chloe Yelena Miller
// Kelly Pratt
// Addie Price
// Kenton Quatman
// Chandra Ram
// Clare Rosean
// Kristopher Schmelzer
// Sue Staats
// Jesse Szewczyk
// Eileen Tjan
// Steve Trumpeter
// Eliza Tudor
// Matthew Wilson