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issue three

Through poetry, prose, interview, photography, and other commissioned art, graze // issue three deals with exploration--of the deep sea, of radical new urban farming techniques, of the sacredness of a meal, and of the open Road. 



Christopher Bell
Caitlyn Brunson
Patrick Burnell
Carlene Chess
Lucy Engelman
James Gulliver Hancock
Mikey Heller
So Yeon Kim
Oopey Mason
Jessica Pierotti
Emily Proud
Shelby Silvernell


Trish Cook
James Reiss
Paul David Adkins
Lisa Annelouise Rentz
Jane Yu
Mark Berry
Danny P. Barbare
Carly Physioc
Casey Engelman
Rebecca Thomas
Heather Foster
Meriwether O’Connor
Natalia Andrievskikh
Bob Benenson
Richard King Perkins II
Jody J. Sperling
Shin Yu Pai
Thomas Alan Holmes
Nick Zivkovic
Paul Graham