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Graze-published essay appears in Best Food Writing 2013

The annual celebration of culinary essays features Paul Graham's "Variations on Grace."

Paul Graham's piece "Variations on Grace," which first appeared in graze // issue three, has been republished in Holly Hughes' compendium Best Food Writing 2013. The annual publication features food writing from a variety of sources and approaches.

One review of this year's BFW, which appears on The Literary Omnivore, comments extensively on Paul's essay:

The spiritual edge implied in this piece is expanded upon in “Variations on Grace,” Paul Graham’s meditation on being a locavore (although he states that the term is a bit too hip and trendy to get at the more constant spiritual concept he means). While my parents did say grace, more or less, throughout my childhood, my lack of a religious upbringing meant that I didn’t understand why we said it. Graham focuses on the link between his community and his food; not being able to buy fruit out of season puts him more in touch with the rhythms of his own environment, for instance. When Graham says grace over a meal, he is acutely aware of all the work that went into it. Grace, then, is a ritual of gratitude, meant to sharpen your appreciation for the food in front of you. I have accordingly decided to start to compile poems to say over meals.

The book may be purchased at a variety of online retailers and independent booksellers.